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    However, if you’re looking for some awesome Disney College Program stuff, then is the place to be! That’s my DCP account. Sorry for the confusion! I wish Tumblr would let me make it my default!


  2. December 31 - The year is over! I can’t believe it. I feel like this Tumblr was a really successful project. I’ve had such a great year, and it’s going to be really fun to look back at this in 2012 and remember all those experiences I had.

    As for my New Year’s Eve, I worked until 7:30, which was pretty fun. I love working with Petra. Then, I came home and my mom and I got Chinese food. Well, she got Chinese food and I just had some won-ton soup. Then we went to Winco and got groceries, and came home. Not gonna lie, I was in bed at 11:45. Joshua called me at line 12:01 though and wished me a happy new year, so that was nice.

    Well 2011, its been great! I just hope 2012 can stack up!

  3. December 30 - I can’t believe 2011 is almost over! I feel like this Tumblr has really opened my eyes to so many things.

    My day wasn’t very eventful. I mainly just worked and watched Teen Mom. Such a great way to spend the second to last day of the year.

  4. December 29 - Definitely a good day. I got to sleep in, had a good day at work, and got grocery shopping done!

    I spent my morning making a shopping list and sorting coupons with my mom while I watched Teen Mom. Then, I headed out to work at noon.

    Work went by pretty quick, which was nice. I didn’t leave until 6:15, but that’s fine with me!

    After work, my mom and I headed to Costco and Fred Meyer to get some grocery shopping done. It’s so nice to have food in the house!!

    When I got home, I helped her unpack the car and passed out. I love getting in bed when I’m exhausted.

  5. December 28 - I spent most of my day off cleaning the house. I got so much done! I’ve come to the realization that with four animals, vacuuming daily has to be done!

    I exchanged a pair of pants at Old Navy, which was definitely a hassle. But, I got it done! Then, I came home and spent my evening relaxing.

  6. December 27 - I was dreading going to work because the people I was working with are not exactly my two favorite baristas. However, the day was actually pretty good! The time flew by, and before I knew it, it was time to go home!

    When I got home, I watched Big Bang Theory, and then decided to take a nap. Gizmo and Amber both curled up with me while I was napping, and Gizmo even started barking in his sleep. It was so cute!

    After I woke up, I cleaned out the inside of my car. That sure was a nice feeling! I vacuumed, wiped the whole console down, and cleaned the inside of the windows. Then, I fought with the Christmas tree for like a half hour, trying to get it out of the house. Once I succeeded, there were pine needles EVERYWHERE! So, I decided to vacuum the entire house!

    It’s such a nice feeling to have a clean house and a clean car. Now, hopefully I can just keep it that way.

  7. December 26 - Definitely a fun day. Woke up and Marjie and Peggy came over to say hello. It’s always good to see them! After they headed out, we all went to the mall. My grandma had some things to return and exchange, and I had a merchandise credit to use at Old Navy. I ended up getting three pairs of pants, and only paid four dollars out of pocket! PLUS, I got $20 to come back and spend in January. Ballin’!

    After we were done at the mall, I packed up and headed home with Gizmo. He’s so terrified of the car! He just curls up in my lap and tries to hide.

    When I got home, I put away all the Christmas decorations, aside from the actual tree. That sure was a nice feeling! I’ve decided that I’m going to ring in 2012 with a clean house!

  8. December 25 - Merry Christmas! I had a picture for the day, but it literally disappeared from my phone! I’m completely distraught about it, but I know I can find more pictures elsewhere.

    What a great day! Everyone loved the presents I got them, I got amazing presents that I love, and our dinner was delicious!

    I got a Kindle Fire, which is so awesome! Yeah, it’s not an iPad, but those are too big and bulky for me. I love that I can read my textbooks on my Fire, plus I can watch movies and TV on it too. It even has a Tumblr app!

    I also got a bunch of kitchen stuff, which makes me extremely happy. Is it nerdy that I got excited for salt and pepper grinders??

    We had a delicious prime rib for dinner, which I can’t rave enough about! My grandma also made twice baked potatoes and her world famous rolls. Between gifts and dinner, I took a nice long nap. My day was literally spent eating and sleeping.

  9. December 24 - A picture was taken, however, I’m not in possession of it! One of my lovely co-workers took the picture on her computer, and has not yet given me access to it! 

    The day was lovely though! I worked 8:30-5, with all of my favorite co-workers, and we had a blast! The day was oddly not as busy as I had expected.

    After work, I rushed to my grandparent’s house and made excellent timing. We had a lazy evening not really doing anything, and I crashed at like ten because I was so exhausted. I think that’s the first Christmas Eve in my 22 years that I slept through the night.